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Getting a website has never been easier or more important.

Whether you are running a business, a sports club or a society, having a website to promote your company or services is essential to compete in Ireland's marketplace.

123 Web Designs can get your website setup in 3 easy steps. We are based in Galway and with over 24 years experience in the computer industry we know what works for our customers and their businesses.

We specialise in brochure websites for sole traders and SME's including builders, beauty salons, mechanics, kitchen designers, timber and metal manufacturers, transport companies, restaurants, creches and nursing homes.

Our approach is to keep it simple, we just focus on what you need to promote your business online, we can get your website up and running quickly and with the minimum amount of effort from you.

Your website your way in 3 simple steps

number1 Choose the name of your website (called your Domain Name)
number2 Choose the website package that suits your needs
number3 Contact our sales team

We will then contact you to get some information about your business, sports club or society and choose the  photographs you want to display on your website. 

We will create your website using a content management system and will provide you with the facility to change the information on the website whenever you choose at no extra cost.

If you have specific requirements for your website (e.g. order forms, online payments, etc) then we will be happy to discuss this with you, contact us for more information.